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How Does V-Beam Work?

V-Beam is a pulsed dye laser that safely and effectively treats discolorations including rosacea, surfaced and visible capillaries, and vascular abnormalities such as poikiloderma, port wine stains, and facial veins. In addition, this laser can help treat redness in scars and stretch marks. The light emitted by the V-Beam is absorbed into the vascular lesion or red area and safely treats the condition. It is also incredibly effective in treating bruising; we offer all our patients free treatment with this laser if they experience any bruising following filler treatment or surgery. Finn. Most patients notice results right away, and it is safe for all skin types.

What Does the Treatment Feel Like?

The laser is programmed to fit your specific needs. Most patients experience a warm and tingling/rubber band snap sensation during the treatment; patients do not require numb gel for this procedure. During the treatment, the laser delivers a cooling burst of cryogen before the laser pulse is delivered through the Dynamic Cooling Device (DCD). The DCD increases patient comfort and minimizes side effects such as redness during the treatment.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Some patients experience redness immediately after treatment, but it usually dissipates within a few hours. Occasionally, a laser bruise called purpura may occur; this usually resolves within a few days.

Are V-Beam Treatments Permanent?

Unfortunately, V-Beam treatments are not permanent. It typically helps vascular lesions stay far enough under the surface of the skin that patients need to be treated every six months or so. Each patient is different, so we will let you know the expectations for your particular concern.

How Should I Take Care of My Skin Before and After Treatment?

Patients are advised to stay out of the sun before, throughout, and after treatments. Wearing a daily sunscreen of SPF 30-SPF 50 is the best way to prepare your skin for treatment. Post-treatment care varies depending on your condition.


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