Clear + Brilliant Laser

How Does Clear + Brilliant Work?

Clear + Brilliant is a gentle resurfacing laser that refreshes your skin from the inside out. The laser energy creates millions of microscopic treatment zones in your skin, replacing damaged skin with healthy, younger tissue. With Clear + Brilliant, our patients achieve more uniform skin tone, a glowing and radiant complexion, and minimized pores. The best part is… this can all be achieved with little to no down time! We recommend patients purchase a package deal of five treatments per area for optimal results. This laser also allows better penetration of topical products and supercharges their results. 

No matter your age, sun exposure, environmental conditions, and lifestyle can contribute to how your skin looks. Whether you want to extend the younger look of your skin or even needing to reverse early signs of aging, Clear + Brilliant can help.

We recommend at least three treatments, but you will see optimal results with five treatments. Most patients report seeing a difference in their skin anywhere between four and six treatments. We will develop a treatment plan based on your personal needs.

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