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Chemical Peeling is a technique used to rejuvenate and improve the appearance of the skin. With this treatment, a chemical solution is applied to the area which causes the surface layers to separate and eventually peel off. The newly rejuvenated skin is usually smoother with improvement in color and texture. Chemical peels remove the accumulation of dead skin cells, allowing topical skin care products to have better penetration and effectiveness.

Is Chemical Peeling Safe?

Physicians and skin care specialists have used peeling agents for the past 50 years. Light, superficial peels safely correct mild defects, and medium-depth peels correct moderate defects. Different strengths can be combined to correct multiple skin conditions. Today, rejuvenation of the skin and reversal of the aging process is paramount in the minds of many, and Chemical Peeling has emerged as an exciting supplement to a complete skin care program.

How Many Chemical Peel Treatments are Recommended?

The strength and type of chemical that is used determines the number of treatments and the amount of downtime for each individual patient. Chemical Peels are a great addition to a good skin care regimen and work well as a combination treatment. We offer an array of chemical peels that will suit any lifestyle!


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