Breast Lift

A breast lift, or mastopexy, is an operation done to restore youthful perkiness to breasts that have started to sag or droop. Key aspects of breast lift including raising the nipple-areolar complex (NAC) to a higher position above the breast fold, removing excess skin, and reshaping a rounder and more attractive breast contour. The areolar diameter may be made smaller at the same time.

• Over time, gravity takes its toll on a woman’s breast shape. Pregnancy, breast feeding, or large weight loss also contribute to breast ptosis (drooping). A breast lift is an excellent operation for anyone looking to restore a more youthful shape and appearance to their breasts.
• Breast lift can also address areolar size discrepancies, or correct asymmetries in breast shape.

• A breast lift is the best operation for changing the *shape* of the breast, but won’t significantly impact the size.
• For women who have lost breast volume but do not have significant drooping, a breast implant (augmentation) may be a better option.
• It is possible to combine breast lift with augmentation, to simultaneously correct breast drooping as well as enhance breast fullness.
• At your custom consultation, Dr. Elkins-Williams will go over the pros and cons and help you decide the best operation for you!

Our team will:
• Ask about your goals and expectations for breast lift
• Ask about your overall health, including other medical conditions, prior surgeries, medications and drug allergies.
• Ask about any Personal or Family history of breast cancer. We will discuss prior results of any mammograms or breast biopsies
• Examine and measure your breasts, including detailed measurements of their size and shape, skin quality and placement of your nipples and areolas
• Take photographs

• You will have a detailed discussion with Dr. Elkins-Williams to determine your goals and realistic outcome of the surgery. Dr. Elkins-Williams will discuss all of your options and recommend a course of treatment
• Every woman has unique breasts and unique goals. Dr. Elkins-Williams is broadly trained in a wide variety of surgical techniques that he can adapt to each individual patient to deliver the very best results. During your consultation, Dr. Elkins-Williams will help you determine the right incisions and right technique for your unique circumstances.

• Breast Lift typically requires about 2-3 hours to perform under general anesthesia. All sutures are underneath the skin and are absorbable.
• You will be put into a post-operative support bra after surgery. At your first post-op visit, we will change your dressings and teach you the (simple!) incision care required. No bothersome drains are required.
• You will have some pain and swelling immediately after surgery. Most patients don’t require pain medication for more than a couple of days. We encourage our patients to resume normal activities within a few days of surgery. You will need to hold off on aerobic exercise for at least 2 weeks after surgery; Dr Elkins-Williams will advise you when strenuous activity can be resumed.
• Swelling will gradually improve over a period of around 3 months. Though results are visible immediately, the final outcome will reveal itself over several months as the breast shape and position continue to settle.
• Look forward to better-fitting and more comfortable bras. Your breasts will look and feel firmer, and sit higher on the chest. Enjoy the enhanced confidence of the new you!

You will receive a surgical quote and any clearance forms required at your consultation. Should you decide to proceed, we will connect you with our patient care coordinator, Shannon Jones. At this time, you will select a procedure date and pay a $500.00 non-refundable booking fee to reserve this date. Once the surgery date is set, we schedule a pre-operative appointment two weeks prior to surgery.

At your pre-op, you will have ample time to discuss your upcoming procedure in great detail and have all your questions answered. We will review all pre- and post-operative care, prescribed medications, and any provisions we may give you for use pre- and post-surgery. You will review and sign the consent for surgery, and the balance will be due at the conclusion of this appointment.

Avoid blood thinning medications/supplements for two weeks prior to surgery. This includes any aspirin or aspirin-containing products as well as any anti-inflammatories such as ibuprofen or naproxen (including Motrin, Aleve and Advil). Generally, you may take Tylenol (Acetaminophen). Avoid supplements such as Vitamin E, multi vitamins, and omega 3 fatty acids (fish oil and flax seed oil.) You will be given a complete list of medications/supplements to avoid at your pre-op. All these medications can contribute to bleeding problems following surgery and can increase the amount of bruising.

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