Improve Your Nose

There are many ways to address the shape of your nose.  Here are some common requests from our patients.  If you wish to enhance your nose, contact us for a consult to learn what procedures may be best for you!

Nasal Dorsum Shaping

Reshape the bridge of your nose with Nasal Dorsum Shaping, a form of Rhinoplasty that can be done without surgery. 

Nasal Reduction

Fix misalignment of the nose with Nasal Reduction. 

Hook Nose

A Hook Nose, also known as an Alquiline Nose, has a prominent bridge that gives the nose a “hook” like shape. 

Crooked Nose

A crooked nose, or a deviated septum, is when the bone and cartilage of the nose is off center.  

Nasal Alar Reduction/Wide Nostrils

Nostrils that are not proportionate, or significantly wide in relation to the other parts of the nose, can be treated with Nasal Alar Reduction. 

Bulbous Tip of Nose

A rounded nasal tip, also known as a bulbous tip, refers to the tip of the nose being rounded and creates the appearance of a larger nose. 

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