As one ages, the skin in the upper eyelids becomes redundant and hangs down, causing heaviness on the eye that can result in a tired appearance. Genetics, sun exposure, smoking and allergies can also play a role and some patients start to experience these symptoms at a young age. In some cases it may be so severe as to limit vision, especially peripheral vision.

Brow Lifts

With the advent of miniaturization and fiber optics, telescopes have been developed to enhance surgery. By using an endoscope, small incisions are created behind the hairline and the brow is elevated in a natural fashion without disfiguring incisions. This is a technique called endoscopic brow lift and is now the technological standard for rejuvenation of the upper third of the face. Results show a refreshed and natural appearance.

Earlobe Repair

There are many cases when the earlobe needs to be repaired, and we can fix anything from stretched or torn earlobes to gauged ears. Earlobe repairs are needed for torn or stretched earlobes caused by years of earring wear, tears, or gauging. This procedure closes the hole and can make the earlobe strong enough to re-pierce if desired.


Different faces age differently, but some similarities are common to all aging faces. With aging, the fullness of youthful cheeks fades as bone recedes and the deflated soft tissues of the mid-face sag. The ligaments of the face limit the descent of the soft tissues, leading to heavy jowls and deep nasolabial folds. Fat accumulates underneath the chin and in the jowls, and the muscles of the neck tend to sag. The skin also continues to age and sag with wrinkles, age spots, and broken blood vessels.

Facial aging patterns are determined by genetic makeup and environmental factors. Smoking is the most significant culprit in accelerating facial aging. Sun exposure and significant weight fluctuations may also contribute greatly to an aged appearance to the face. Reversing these processes is the goal of facial rejuvenation.

Facial Implants

When a permanent solution is needed to add volume and dimension to the face in order to create great symmetry and proportion, facial implants may be used.  Dr. Finn uses his artistic and surgical skills to choose and sculpt implants that will be perfect for your facial features.

Fat Transfer

Much of facial again happens with loss of underlying fatty tissue. With age the fatty tissue of the face diminishes, and support is lost to the skin. This contributes to the drooping and wrinkling of facial again.
In traditional rejuvenation surgery, we have always been limited to re-positioning or tightening existing tissue and skin. Tightening and lifting the skin is not always the answer to facial rejuvenation. Sometimes tighter isn’t younger, fuller is younger. By using your own fat to fill in areas on the face and hands Dr. Finn is able to plump up the cheek bones, define a jaw line, improve the hollow look underneath the eyes and more.


Necklift is included in and is part of every facelift. Rarely a patient may present with sagging in the neck only and may be a candidate for isolated necklift. The necklift is essentially the back half of the facelift.  The neck ages in three ways. First some necks accumulate fat which is resistant to diet and exercise. This s treated with Kybella injections or liposuction. Some necks have just loose skin which is treated with surgery. Other necks have laxity of the platysma muscle which is also treated with surgery. At Finn Facial Plastics, we will have a candid discussion of your goals and options.

Otoplasty (Ear Surgery)

Ear deformities come in several shapes and sizes. Some ears are normally shaped, but protrude further from the head than is normal. This may happen on one or both sides and may happen from either overgrowth of the cartilage of the ear or excessive bone formation behind the ear. This is often a familial trait. Another common deformity of the ear is when the ear fails to fold naturally during development. This causes the antihelix to be flat and the upper portion of the ear to become cupped.


Other less common defects may also occur. At times, the rim of the ear is abnormally shaped or the ear will be of an abnormal size. Knobs of abnormal cartilage may form as well. All of these defects may be improved with otoplasty which reshapes cartilage to help with overall appearance or how the ears are positioned.


The nose is the defining characteristic of the face and even a slight disproportion or irregularity may greatly detract from one’s appearance. Deformities may be a familial trait or may be the result of trauma or abnormal development. Nasal deformity can be accompanied by problems in function of the nose including breathing problems and recurring sinus infections. Rhinoplasty may improve not only the aesthetics of the face but also the function of the nose.

Scar Revision

There are many different approaches to revising scars and though none of these treatments can fully get rid of scars, improvement is possible. Keloid scars, scars from old surgeries and procedures, burns, and accident scars can many times be revised or treated.


Septoplasty is surgery to improve the function of the nose. Septoplasty will usually not change the shape of the nose and may be covered by insurance.  Septoplasty is often completed as part of a complete Rhinoplasty.

Skin Cancer Reconstruction

MOH’s surgery can be a tiring and emotional process, but within the right set of hands the end result can be amazing.  MOH’s surgery is done on the face when a basal cell or squamous cell carcinoma is present.  In order to save as much skin as possible and make sure that the entire carcinoma is removed, patients are referred for Moh’s surgery.  This surgery is done in stages and the number of stages required depends on the pathology.  Until the margins are completely clear the Moh’s surgeon will have to continue taking layers of skin.  In some cases, the repair needed for the size or area of the defect can surpass the expertise of the Moh’s surgeon.  Oftentimes patients are then sent to Dr. Finn to have the repair done.  The procedure is covered by insurance.