Skin Cancer Reconstruction

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What is MOH’s surgery?

MOH’s surgery is done by specially trained dermatologists to treat certain skin cancers. In order to save as much skin as possible and make sure that the entire carcinoma is removed patients are referred for Moh’s surgery. This surgery is done in stages. The number of stages required depends on the pathology. Until the margins are completely clear, the Moh’s surgeon will have to continue taking layers of skin. Dr. Finn has vast experience in reconstruction of a multitude of facial defects following skin cancer removal.


What should I expect?

After your surgery you will be sent to our office either the same day or later to be evaluated by Dr. Finn. If he is able to do a repair the same day he will, if not he will consult with you and we will schedule you for the near future. Also, many people planning to have Moh’s surgery will schedule ahead of time with our office to have Dr. Finn do their repair no matter how small or large the defect may be, as they just feel more confident in the hands of a facial plastic surgeon.


There are a few approaches Dr. Finn takes to repair these defects. During the consultation with Dr. Finn he will discuss all the options for repair and also be able to show you photos of past patients he has repaired. Some defects will do best if allowed to heal on their own. Some defects will do best with a relatively simple skin graft. Others do better with local or regional flaps to artistically hide scars and restore facial contours. We will show you your options and results of real patients with similar problems. Rest assured, we will work to give you your best possible result.

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Skin Cancer Reconstruction