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There are many different approaches to revising scars and though none of these treatments can fully get rid of scars, improvement is possible. Keloid scars, scars from old surgeries and procedures, burns, and accident scars can many times be revised or treated.


Injections and Excisions

For hypertrophic keloid scars, injections for steroids are often used before removal. Dr. Finn will have you come in for a series of injections which often decreases the size and inflammation of the scars before excising and correcting.


For hypotrophic scars that make indents in the skin such as acne scars injectable fillers may an option. These fillers temporarily fill in under the skin to make the indentation of the scar less noticeable.



For some scars sometimes the best approach is to replace the current scar with a less noticeable one by making an incision and stitching it back up in a way that will help it heal much smoother than the original scar.
Sometimes flaps can be used to help mask the old scar. Other times the scar can be “shaved” down to make it less noticeable. Dr. Finn will look at your scar during your consultation and determine which approach is best for you.



Scars that are red in appearance can often be helped with our VBEAM laser. The fractionated CO2 laser can be very effective in blending or softening old scars.

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