Fat Transfer

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Much of facial again happens with loss of underlying fatty tissue. With age the fatty tissue of the face diminishes, and support is lost to the skin. This contributes to the drooping and wrinkling of facial again.
In traditional rejuvenation surgery, we have always been limited to re-positioning or tightening existing tissue and skin. Tightening and lifting the skin is not always the answer to facial rejuvenation. Sometimes tighter isn’t younger, fuller is younger. By using your own fat to fill in areas on the face and hands Dr. Finn is able to plump up the cheek bones, define a jaw line, improve the hollow look underneath the eyes and more.


What can I expect?

Dr. Finn performs a mini liposuction to gently take out fat by hand from any area of excess. The abdomen, thighs or hips are the best areas. The fat is carefully purified and concentrated. The facial areas are anesthetized and micro droplets of fat are injected into the subcutaneous tissues. By injecting small droplets, longevity of transferred fat is enhanced.


Initially, areas are overfilled and there is some absorption of the injected fat. There is some bruising and swelling on the face that may last for several days. Fat Transfer is done without any incisions and patients are up and about immediately following the procedure.


What May be Achieved With Fat Transfer?

A multitude of areas can be enhanced. Lips can be augmented, the nasolabial folds can be filled, hollows under the eyes can be filled, and cheekbones and jaw lines can be made more prominent. It has also been used effectively to improve atrophic aging of the hands, and post-surgical and post-trauma defects.


The net effect of Fat Transfer is a more natural rejuvenation without any hint of a “stretched” look. By using one’s own tissues, allergic reactions and side effects that can be seen with other filling materials are minimized. Improved contour of the donor area is an added benefit. Some patients choose to proceed with contour liposuction on various areas as well.


What is the recommended course of treatment?

Fat transfer is long lasting but results vary for each individual patient. People metabolize the transferred fat at different rates. Different recipient areas respond differently to injected fat. For example, cheeks tend to hold onto fat better than the mouth area. Fat transfer can last from 4 months to years on many patients. Fat transfer can be repeated if necessary and results can be further enhanced with other injectable fillers.

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