IPL Photo Rejuvenation Therapy

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What is IPL Photo Rejuvenation Therapy?

IPL Photo rejuvenation therapy is a light based source that uses energy to treat sun-damaged skin with minimal to no “down-time.” Although it is not a laser, IPL can treat many of the same conditions that lasers do, without wounding the skin. IPL is most recommended for sun-damaged skin and is widely recognized for its ability to improve the following skin conditions; brown spots, broken blood vessels, flushing associated with rosacea, texture and uneven skin tone. IPL is known for over all skin rejuvenation. The beauty of this procedure is that we can safely treat the face, neck, chest, or any other parts of the body that has suffered from sun-damage!


What are the benefits of IPL Photo Rejuvenation Therapy?

The IPL system is an excellent treatment for pigment issues. This intense pulsed light device can even skin tone by reducing redness and brown spots. Downtime is minimal and a series of treatments provides the best results. This is the ideal treatment for sun-damaged skin.


What is the recommended course of treatment?

The number of treatments that are recommended is usually based on the amount of sun-damage. A general rule of thumb is one treatment per decade of life. For best results, treatments are spaced on an average of 4-6 weeks apart. A good skin care regime is beneficial and it is an important part in maintaining your investment.

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